Non-profit and Association (CSO / NGO)

MELKAMU OGO LAW OFFICE (MOLO)provides legal advice and representation services on Charity and Not-for-Profit Law of Ethiopia and handle a broad range of services to Charities, Charitable Trusts, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Donors, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Social Agencies, Government Organizations, Religious Groups, Professional Organizations, Professional Societies and Trade Associations, Advocacy Groups, Nonprofit and Charitable Activities, Nonprofit Corporations, Bilateral and Multilateral Donor Agencies, Foundations, Advocacy Groups, Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations and a Variety of Other Organizations.

Thus if you need a law firm in Addis Ababa or throughout Ethiopia working on Non-profit and Association (CSO / NGO) our law office is ready and available to provide its legal services to you. Our office has counseled Associations and Non-Profit Organizations in a variety of ways. We have huge experience in forming Non-Profit and Not-For-Profit Corporations as well as serving existing associations’ legal needs. We have been involved in General Counseling, Advising and Representing Associations with respect to contractual needs, Negotiations, Incorporation, Filing Requirements, Employment Matters, Work Permit and Residence Permit, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Tax/Tax Exemption, Compensation and Benefits, Tax-Exempt Financing, Business Transactions involving one or more nonprofits and Federal and State Compliance and other legal services. We have experience representing non-profit organizations in front of State and Federal Government and can provide legislative drafting, review and other legal services like Intellectual Property, Immigration, Tax, Labour and Employment, Insurance, Tort /Extra Contractual, Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution and Due Diligence.
Our works of Legal Advice and/or Representation include:
• Tax Compliance and Tax Planning,
• Trust and Estates Law,
• Real Estate,
• Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution,
• Labour and Employment Law,
• Intellectual Property Law