Melkamu Ogo Negerasha (Rotarian),

Senior Attorney and Consultant at Law,

Founder of Melkamu Ogo Law Office, MOLO.

Melkamu Ogo has earned his Master in Law /LLM/ from Addis Ababa University, Bachelor of Law /LLB/, from Haramaya University, Diploma in Law, from Queens College and pursued Bachelor of Theology /BTh/ in Theological University College.  

Following the first graduation from Law School, Melkamu has served the Ethiopian Executive organ of the Government in different positions and introduced with the environment of the law enforcement sectors of a Country. After Eight years of service, he left such office and joined different giant Private Companies/Corporations those been engaged in various sector of the Business/Investment in Ethiopia. During his engagement in those Companies/Corporations, he was able to manage and shouldered the responsibility of legal advisory and representation in Court Litigation both in Criminal Cases and Civil Cases as well as Administrative/Arbitration Tribunals of all levels in a Country. In addition, he also served as an Assistant Lecturer of Law in Addis Ababa University, School of law and Governance Studies in part-time basis. These and other experiences he gained over the years were pivotal and equipped him with enormous understanding of both theoretical and practical Legal environment of the Country.

Having such Extensive Law practicing experience, he has founded Law Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 2014 which named MELKAMU OGO LAW OFFICE /MOLO/ and in a short period of time, the office become one of the distinguished and successful few Law offices in Ethiopia.

Also MOLO is known for its engagement in Social Responsibility/Pro – Bono activities which cover the wide range area of cases/Law and by effect help the Society at large in a various direct and indirect way regardless of their Race, Color, Language, Sex, Religion, Nationality and other difference.

Moreover, he is an active member of different National and International Bar Associations which includes International Bar Associations /IBA/ and Ethiopians Lawyers’ Associations /ELA/.

In 2019 periodic Outstanding Young Lawyers Award, he was nominated by Ethiopian Lawyers’ Association /ELA/ for his professional excellence, accomplishments and outstanding public engagements. He also received number of different recognition and recommendation letters from Ethiopian Federal Attorney General Office, FDRE Ministry of Health, U.S Department of Justice through U.S Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Ethiopian Lawyers’ Association /ELA/.

Currently, he is serving as Vice Chairman of the Board at BEBENOS (Registered Local NGO), and as a Member in MELKA MAHIBERE (Registered Local NGO), all involuntary and part-time basis. He is also playing a constructive role while acting as an ambassador of peace, in Universal Peace Federation, Interreligious and International Federation for world peace and acting as a ROTARIAN in Rotary Club of Finot, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

About Melkamu Ogo Law Office (MOLO)


The Founder of MOLO is an active Member to the following national & International Bar Associations.

Ethiopian lawyers’ Association /ELA/

International Bar Association /IBA/

About MOLO

MOLO was founded in 2014 by Melkamu Ogo, Licensed Attorney and Consultant at Law at all levels of Ethiopian Federal Courts. Since then, the office has been delivering in-house Legal Consultancy and Client representation Service in Court litigation both in criminal and civil benches as well as Administrative/Arbitration Tribunals.

MOLO is among the leading legal offices in Ethiopia, and well-established with a significant national capacity through a network of associates giving us sizable influence in key financial centers throughout the Country. We deliver a full range of legal services, including but not limited to the list under the services/Practice area category.

Though the office is based and practicing law in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, considering the flow of the direct investment in a country, we are looking to other reputed law firms from different Jurisdiction to work in collaboration and deliver world standard legal services for clients of different companies/Organizations/Individuals operating in Ethiopia. Once again we invite any law Firm to form a partnership with our office.